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ABOUT nootrl

a new approach to second language fluency

Regardless of how many owls threaten you, you've probably been unable to achieve true fluency using the language apps available today. Most users of these popular apps agree.


"It seemed like I was learning vocabulary, but I still can't understand people when they speak. And for some reason, I can't retain the new words for very long."


In order to solve these problems, nootrl is building apps focused on speech fluency and real language acquisition research. Our brains are wired for language; it's in our DNA. And yet, people are ignoring the most obvious differences in the way someone teaches a second language learner and the way a parent teaches a child. If you want native level fluency, you need to be taught like a native speaker, aka, a baby.


This may surprise you, but adults are actually a lot smarter than babies. Given the same tools and instruction as a child, an adult will learn a language FASTER. The apps developed by nootrl deliver where all the other language apps fail- spoken second language fluency.


Expected beta testing: Q2 2020.


To receive updates on our progress, talk to us about investing in nootrl, and/or to volunteer for beta testing, send us an email at the address below.



Here's a question for you, is /w/ a vowel or a consonant? What about the sound /r/? 
We think they're both vowels. Email Kim if you'd like to learn more about nootrl.

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